About Us

About us

"L.paulet was born from a great journey, a great love, a life story and it begins like this.
In 1978, I traveled with my husband Enrique to Belgium, accompanying him to fulfill one of his goals, to achieve a master's degree in insurance in the university city of Leuven in Brussels, Belgium.
We arrived in Brussels in a harsh winter, with a temperature below zero, we could not speak English and we understood more than we could.

As the days went by, we had a hard time getting used to the new lifestyle, constant study and European life. While Enrique was at the university taking his insurance courses I was in French school, basic 3.
It was a totally new world for us, we were in awe of the culture and the education of the people.
In our free time and on weekends we used to take the train that took us from Leuven to Brussels and other times to Bruges.

Arriving in Brussels, we walked through the Great Square and the Royal Palace. We took horse-drawn wagon rides. "

Beatriz and Enrique in a carriage ride in Belgium, 1978

"Something that caught our attention was, how the women dressed, in long coats with pompous and warm fur. They were tall, elegant and always with an umbrella in hand. In winter, the colors they used were natural like coffee , sand, beige, gray and black ... You rarely saw colors in their clothes.
Something that caught my attention were the types of stitches on their sweaters and cardigans.
Such a different and contrasting reality to Peru ".

Beatriz and Manuela, Brujas 1978

"The first time we arrived in Bruges, it was on the recommendation of my French teacher, the trip we did with our friends, Catherine from France and Manuela from Colombia. It was one of the most captivating trips I had in my life, Bruges is a Wonderful City".


Beatriz, Enrique, Catherine, the son of Catherine and Manuela, Brujas 1978

"When we got to Bruges, we walked quite a bit to get to the main square, but through these little streets, you passed the dream shops, the fashion stores, with names like Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton all the stores had the names of European families. They were such elegant stores, so perfect for customers but with exorbitant prices. Each store had its own style and the latest in fashion and trends. "

Boat ride on the canal in Brujas, 1978

"I fell in love with two fur collars at Chanel, and we decided to save with Enrique to give him one for Dona Laurita and one for my mom. Each neck cost $ 300, at that time, that amount was very high.
At that time, we communicated through letters, as talking on the phone was too expensive. And every Saturday we received letters from Doña Laurita Paulet - Enrique's mother - and from my mother; we eagerly opened letters to read news about our brothers, brothers-in-law and nephews. We read the letters, with the Côte d'Or chocolates, Belgian chocolates. "


Main Square Brujas

"After 2 years, Enrique finished his master's degree and we returned to Peru to continue exercising our profession, the law.
Despite being a lawyer, at that time I always dreamed of having a business either in clothing or jewelry. - Well, I always liked fashion and as a child, my mother told me that I would choose my fabrics and patterns for the dresses that she was going to sew - And she asked me, why not open a jewelry store or a business in Peru ".


Enrique, Beatriz and Doña Laura Paulet

In 1985, Enrique and I decided to open L.PAULET Peruvian jewelers.
We call him L. PAULET, Paulet after my husband's Apellidos and L. de Laura in homage to Dona Laurita, my husband's mother. As we just arrived from Europe, we were influenced by the big, luxurious European fashion brands. And, naming our store after Dona Laurita, it was an honor for us. She was such a dignified and elegant woman and always with a peace that she transmitted to everyone who knew her.

"This was our first logo."

First logo L.paulet (Used from 1985 to 2009)

Second logo L.paulet (used from 1997 to 2013)

Third logo (used from 2013 to 2017)

Current logo

"At that time, we started with a goldsmith workshop in two small rooms of our house, with 2 goldsmiths molding the jewels and rolling the Peruvian gold and silver, with semi precious stones such as turquoise, lapis lazuli and the spondilus shell. Our designs They had a lot of influence from the Sipán and Nazca culture. They were prosperous years with the jewelry business. We decided to rent a place in the courtyard of the La Canasta bakery on Jerusalem street in the center of the city of Arequipa and offer our jewelry to the tourists and local customers. "


Collares con chaquiras de turquesa y espondiluz inspirados en la cultura Sipán.

"In 1996, the jewelry business dropped a bit and with the savings we decided to open a second store of our own in 1997 in the Claustros de la Compañía de Jesús, on Calle General Morán 118."

Jewelery area in the Cloisters of the Company

"In 1997, I trusted my taste for fashion and started designing with alpaca fiber.
With so few companies in the market that sold alpaca garments (such as Michell, Prosur and Tumi) offering garments to tourists, I decided to close my jewelry workshop and outsource the jewelry business to Lima. "


Linear machinery of the company. Photographic archive of Corporation Paulet.

"I opened the new alpaca garment workshop with the linear Singer machine that I inherited from my grandmother Judith, I kept it at home, as well as the jewelry, we started working, in those two little rooms at the back of my house with Raúl, a young weaver, Rosa and María, two sisters willing to learn to weave and Mrs. Betsabeth who sewed at her house. I could already see the fabulous designs that were in my head woven in my hands. I decided to use alpaca fiber, because It is a fabulous and Peruvian raw material, where I knew at that time that tourists would value it for all the benefits it has and because it is a fiber that shelters the cold climates of the world ".

"This is how the years went by, where we offered our designs to tourists, we made points that we never knew in our lives could come out."

The first Year in Cayma's workshop with the ladies.

Manual machine weavers Elvis, Eduardo and Orlando.

"We got to buy a card-making machine and make jacquards and intarsias. The business grew and we moved the workshop to Cayma, where we are currently located. In the La Marina urbanization."

"In 2005 we opened one more jewelry branch in Casona de Santa Catalina, we had successful sales until 2009 when we closed it due to the excess rent that the house charged us.
In 2010, we decided to close the store in the company's cloisters and we dedicated ourselves to exporting our creations. This is how L.paulet was born, from a great trip, from great experiences where I was able to broaden the vision of what the company is.
Today, L.paulet is a brand for women, women who empower themselves in the world through their actions, their clothing and their lifestyle.
We have the power to create impact. We make all our processes aware of the environment and the community. Using natural fibers and creating empowerment and support programs for the environment.
We create high quality garments with artisan men and women from different high Andean areas of Peru".

Beatriz Tomasio

CEO - L.paulet

Company entrance. Eduardo weaving

L.paulet team

Our collaborators following a knitting course

Francisca hand weaving

Francisca, Norma and Flora doing finishes

Eduardo weaving on the manual machine.

Norma, Flora and Francisca doing finishes

Luis operating the industrial machine.

Mission - Fair Trade

Offer garments made with natural fibers such as alpaca, baby alpaca, blends and cotton, in order to offer our clients the most exclusive and best quality products, taking advantage of its benefits to generate less environmental impact and giving fair job opportunities to the community.


To be a Peruvian brand recognized for promoting the value of the product, being part of a fair chain.

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